Attitudes is a category that is hardest to define as out of all three of the attributes presented in this project, it is by far the least tangible. With activities and aesthetics being something you can see quite easily, attitudes rely on more senses than one. You need to hear and listen, see and observe but ultimately process and comprehend this and with that comes human error.

The first time that I can actually remember the attitudes of celebrities influencing me is with large movements such as #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo or celebrities protesting against gun violence and distribution when in actuality it must have happened way before then. Meryl Streep is always someone I have looked up to and I find that whenever she makes a speech, at whatever prestigious event, I find myself captivated. I consume every word she says and I do not question any one of them. When I stopped to think about it, it scared me, but ultimately I still agree with her views. The world had been saying Donald Trump was bad and I one hundred percent believed it, but when Meryl Streep told me, I was compelled, personally affected and eager to do something.

Meryl Streep using her voice to advocate for change.

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I do not really consider myself political, I just do not know enough information about it. My life is consumed by entertainment, and with that being said, I am not entirely clueless. I learn politics through the celebrities I follow. If they have radical views, I will be aware of them almost fully. I will then also find people that oppose these views and in that way I am able to formulate an opinion. But here I pose a question to myself that is quite tricky to answer. Do I take on a certain stance because it is that of which a favourable celebrity portrays, or do I find celebrities that are in line with my stance. Personally I believe it to be a little bit of both. I have definitely grown disappointed with certain celebrities because of their worldly views and have lost my superfan status with a few. Mostly however, despite there being some obvious flaws, I find myself following celebrities that promote a world in which I want to live. Media has so deeply entrenched me into a spiral of celebrity that sometimes I do not know if it is because of years of ‘indoctrination’ or the fact that I have grown with the media and achieved my own form of independent thought. Again, I think it is both. I still one hundred percent believe that Meryl Streep is right about Donald Trump.

I said I am pretty sure that my attitudes were impacted way before the onset of big movements because I know that at one stage in my life, I liked Cardi B. As a Nicki Minaj superfan however, I feel like I would be betraying someone that I do not even know, someone that I still hold close to my heart because of a feud. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are ‘beefing’ which means in no way, shape or form are they getting along. They have both publically expressed disdain for each other and therefore fans, and better yet, superfans need to show that they are on a side. I still like Cardi B’s music but I find myself getting uneccessarily getting annoyed whenever she comes up. I suppose it goes even deeper, I love her old music, I have yet to listen to any song since their public falling out. The same happened with Taylor Swift and the Kardashians, I liked Taylor enough to listen to her music but I eat, slept and breathed Hollywood’s favourite family. I literally kept up with the Kardashians. When Taylor and Kim Kardashian West started feuding it was time to say bye bye to miss Swift, and swiftly!

The Kardashian sisters: Khloe, Kourtney and Kim, always have something to say that their fans love to hear.

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The lives of the celebrity are so prominent in the lives of their superfans that their public feuds become ours. Their losses hurt us too, their achievements give us a huge sense of pride. It is almost as if the celebrity is a culmination of a physical best friend and an imaginary one. As a superfan, they help form and shape your identity. Yes, the superfan exists without the celebrity, but they would feel a significant loss at the same time. They are not physically with you but can inform some of the most important aspects of your life like character building.


Attitudes in this project embodies this, how the celebrities belief systems, notions, ideals and characteristics get deeply embedded into the lives of their superfans. The superfan that I have to represent this is Jayde Mapalang. He is probably the most obvious and outright superfan. So whilst the theme of attitudes is difficult to define, if you read his story, you will understand why it is one of the most important characteristics of being a superfan.


Jayde “Minaj” is the perfect example of how celebrities impact the attitudes of their superfans.

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